The environment is at the forefront of all our processes

Environmental benefits

Here at SOAP₂O , consideration for the environment is at the forefront of all our processes and applications. We strive to reduce the amount of single use plastic within the cleaning industry and have as little negative impact as possible on the environment. Our mission is to become the leading producer of effective and value for money cleaning concentrate, packed in water soluble sachets, made by adopting the highest possible ethical standards.


Zero water transportation

Natural resources are precious, and we seek to always minimise our use of them in the design and manufacture of our products. With SOAP₂O systems, zero water is transported, thus the volume and weight of products in transit is low. That might seem to be a small benefit, but you would be amazed at just how much this reduces emissions through fewer transport miles and greater capacity within transport vehicles.

A whole pallet of 5 litre liquid concentrate can be replaced with 4 packets of our product. All these 5 litre containers go to waste.

  • Just add water… don’t transport it
  • Zero waste
  • Ethical accreditation
  • Global standards
  • Add water at point of use


Innovation is at the heart of the SOAP₂O  product range. Not only do our products reduce waste, a pressing issue today, but they also provide a positive change, without increasing costs.

Our partners, Solupak, use their in-house design and packaging team to develop the product range to follow the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) colour coding system.

The pictorial guides and bottle labels reinforce the 4-step process and colour coding to ensure correct use. These also assist any users who have language or learning challenges. The dissolving sachets colour the water making it immediately obvious where the trigger spray bottle is meant to be used and avoids potential cross contamination.

How to Use SOAP₂O Biodegradable Soap Sachets

The products are easy to use, as demonstrated in the 4-step process:

  • Add water
  • Place the sachet(s) in the dispenser bottle
  • Agitate / shake / swirl the water until the sachet is completely dissolved
  • Use

The Soap2o biodegradable sachets have been designed so that the sachet can be easily placed within the dispenser bottles. This ensures there is minimal risk of the concentrate encountering the user’s skin or eyes. No manual handling is involved when using or moving the products before water is added.

The dosing is always correct which means that the active ingredients in the sachets will work at the optimum level and costs are fully controlled at the site level.

Add water

Add Sachet



Cost Savings

In addition to the enormous positive environmental impact that zero water transportation has, there are also benefits in terms of costs and savings. The weight of the load is consequently lighter due to there being no liquid to transport to customers; meaning that the cost of delivering our products to you and your distributors is considerably reduced.

Our systems are cost effective solutions for both small clients and large users. This is because we can implement concentrate dosage systems for larger users, as well as providing the water-soluble sachets for clients at the other end of the spectrum.

SOAP₂O products are scalable from one cleaner to 100+. As a result of this dosing certainty, there is no worry about using too much of the product, in turn this leads to cost certainty as no product is being wasted.

Not only that, but SOAP₂O products have a three-year shelf life (if kept dry, of course!) There is no rush to use the products within a short time frame and they take up minimal shelf space as no water is added until usage.