Introducing the SOAP₂O team…

Meet The Team

The Team

Jordan Hurley – Founder, Sales and Marketing Director

Jordans driving force is his passion for climate change – Combine this with his experience in breathing life into an idea, and then you have a man that will stop at nothing to make waves in saving the planet. A professional networker, lover of all things travel and eco, golf, tennis & espresso martinis.

Kevin Burgess – Managing Director

Kevin has over 35 years of experience in the Specialty Chemical Industry, having founded J1 Technologies in 1999, it has grown into a true Technical Service Partner, and exports to over 30 countries. Kevin is a key shareholder and Board Member at J1, Solupak, Core and Soap2o. Utilising his experience in growing start-up’s to multi-million-pound global businesses, in what are challenging technical arenas. Lover of all things Manchester city and devoted husband and father to four (including 1 dog!)


Lee O’Nions – Operations Director

Has more than 25yrs industrial experience in both technical and managerial roles.  Within Soap2o, Lee is active as the Operations Director, utilising he experience as Managing director in CORE Additive Technologies to bring know how and operational excellence to the Soap2o business.  Passionate about the benefits Soap2o can bring to the customer and the planet. Lee is all about his wife and kids, and enjoys going to support Everton with them. He also strives to make sure that all the people in the companies feel like it’s a family and enjoy the environment and work they do.

Sophie Burgess – Marketing Manager

Sophie brings her skill set and industry knowledge from working with Soap2o manufacturers, Solupak, as well as her MSC marketing degree to market and build the company into being the true leader in sustainable hand soaps. Sophie not only shapes the Soap2o reputation and brand, but also ensures all Soap2o customers and clients are provided with the best resources and support to help sell and switch to the soap. Lover of all things marketing, likes restaurant trips and regular catch ups with her friends, holidaying and of course, whispering angel.

Lauren Rose-Davies – Operations and Logistic Manager

Lauren brings her experience of working in Operations and Logistics to her role at Soap2o to ensure the smooth running, quick delivery and a 5-star service is provided to each of our customers. Lauren is a highly organized individual taking her professionalism from working in the corporate fashion world using her BA (Hons) Degree in Buying and Merchandising alongside her exceptional interpersonal skills to ensure that the Soap2o brand is always viewed highly and remains an easy and pleasant supplier to work with. Outside of work Lauren enjoys her annual vacations, hiking at the weekends and catching up with friends over a glass of Cotes De Provence rosé.

Jacob Russell – Accounts and finance

Jacob brings his experience of working in accounts for sister companies, J1 Technologies, Solupak and CORE in order to ensure the highest standards are applied when dealing with and managing accounts payable and receivable at Soap2o. Jacob has worked in accounts for the past few years, growing and developing his skills since leaving university. He has a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology from Liverpool John Moores University, enjoys playing rugby, eating out and socializing with friends when ever he gets the opportunity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading producer of effective and value-for-money cleaning concentrate, packed in water soluble sachets, made by adopting the highest possible ethical standards.