“Cut transport costs by up to 90%”


Solupak was formed in 1998 and is renowned as the leading expert in water-soluble, eco friendly cleaning products.

How SOAP₂O and Solupak work together

SOAP₂O and Solupak work together to supply the world with environmentally friendly watersoluble soap and cleaning products that cause no harm to the environment, whilst eliminating plastic too. The Soap₂o concept fits perfectly with the manufacturing and innovation skills and ethics of Solupak, and the two companies combined have formulated and produced a unique and comprehensive selection of products to meet the needs of all industry sectors.

At SOAP₂O we are cautious about who we work with, because we want to ensure that all processes are green right from the beginning of research to the end product, Solupak fulfill all points of call and we can proudly say that we work hand in hand to deliver sustainable soaps and cleaning products… we really are making waves in saving the planet.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Solupak contribute to carbon dioxide reduction because of the transportation and packaging methods and practices adopted. Solupak products do not involve the transportation of water, this can be added as and when the product is needed. As a result of this, fewer natural resources are used to facilitate product transit because the weight and volume of products is so low.

Plastic Reduction… #bottle4life

The Solupak approach has always been to minimise the need to recycle the materials we use in our products and packaging. Our patented spray bottles are designed to be used daily, year after year without any problems. In addition, the water-soluble sachets are packaged in waterproof materials that can be re-used on site for several years. At the point when they need to be replaced, they can be included in the mixed dry recycling materials taken from the site for re-purposing.

Innovative Colour Codes

Solupak’s in-house design and packaging team have developed the product range to follow the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) colour coding system. The pictorial guides and bottle labels reinforce the 4-step process and colour coding to ensure correct use. These also assist any users who have language or learning challenges. The dissolving sachets colour the water making it immediately obvious where the trigger spray bottle is meant to be used and avoids potential cross contamination.

Cost Effective

Solupak systems are cost effective solutions for both small clients and large users. This is because we can implement concentrate dosage systems for larger users, as well as providing the water-soluble sachets for clients at the other end of the spectrum. In other words, Solupak products are scalable from one cleaner to 100+. As a result of this dosing certainty, there is no worry about using too much of the product, in turn this leads to cost certainty as no product is being wasted.

No Water Transportation

With Solupak systems, zero water is transported, thus the volume and weight of products in transit is low. That might seem to be a small benefit, but you’d be amazed just how much this reduces emissions through fewer transport miles and greater capacity within the transport vehicles. This also means that there are fewer risks to manual handling as products are light.

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