“Who We Are?”


We are Soap2o, and we believe that washing our hands or body shouldn’t damage the earth.

Why we exist

  • We believe that washing our hands and body should not damage the earth.

  • So, we are helping companies adopt a green soap solution.

  • We are doing this by growing a global presence of our innovative soap solution.

  • Reducing the use of single use plastic.

Save Money and the Planet

500 hotels

Standard Soap

1 x pallet per month

£50 per pallet (transport costs)

£50 x 12 x 500 = £300,000


1 x box every 6 months

£11 per box (transport costs)

£11 x 2 x 500 = £11,000

Saving £289,000 per year in transport costs

AND saving 960,000 5 litre plastic bottles!

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