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Making Waves in Saving the Planet

Crypto Arena chose Soap₂o as their sustainable soap to eliminate single-use plastic.

THE PROBLEM: The custodial team was having to throw away cartridges of soap that still had 30-40% of soap in them because the dispensers would run out of soap in the first half of a game.

THE SOLUTION: With the Soap₂o system, you can start every game with a full dispenser and not waste any of the soap. Not running out of soap gets the fans back to their seats faster to enjoy the event.

The cost savings are 43%+ compared to the previous soap used at the venue.

Not only have we eliminated plastic and stopped the shipping of water, but we have saved a huge amount of money for the arena as well.

Benefits per year:

  1. Dispensers installed – 450
  2. Plastic saved – 5.04 tonnes
  3. Transported weight saved – 27.72 tonnes
  4. Made blue drinking water donation – 140, 000L
  5. Cost savings – 43%
  6. Storage saving – 8 pallets reduced to 0.25 pallets per year!

Soap₂o are turning hand washing into a charitable donation through Made Blue! For every sachet sold, we donate 33L of fresh drinking water to those who need it most in Africa and Asia.

Want to find out more about Soap₂o?

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